Please note that modules and circuit boards are no longer offered for sale. The information is maintained for historical purposes. You will not be able to place orders for any of the items.

miHomeGarage is an open-source, WiFi enabled, Garage Door Controller you control from your Smartphone, tablet or web browser. You can check the status of your garage doors from anywhere at anytime. The system can be configured to automatically notify you whenever the door is opened or closed using Twitter or text messaging directly to your smartphone. Your existing garage door openers (wall mounted buttons, in-car remotes etc) continue to work as normal.  miHomeGarage extends the control possibilities to anywhere on the planet where you are connected to the internet.




The system we provide is open for modification. You have full access to the default firmware, the web application (HTML5/Javascript/CSS) and additional I/O on the module to allow you to modify or expand the system to meet your particular needs. Modification is optional and does require some software ability. For those who don't care for this level of access, we provide a working system. Installation of the hardware will require DIY skill - we provide the guidance and you do the work!

So what do you get out of installing the WiFi garage opener? 

No more surprises like coming home to an empty garage because someone forgot to shut the garage door on the way out. No more setting out on vacation and having to turn back to check on the garage door when you are already miles down the road towards you destination - a real relationship saver!

Key concepts and features

  • A built-in WiFi controller provides web-based monitoring. Modules are available in single door and dual door configurations.
  • LED indicators providing visual feedback during installation so that you can make sure that your sensor inputs and relay outputs are working properly.
  • Easy to use screw terminal blocks to connect up external sensors and for your future expansion needs
  • Firmware can be updated through the WiFi connection at any time
  • The controller module runs standalone - all it needs is a power source which can be conveniently provided by a cellphone charger. You do also need a a WiFi connection. 
  • Connection to your home WiFi network is easily done using the Electric Imp blink-up app which is available from the Apple and Android App stores

Hooking it up

Dual Door Connections
Single Door Connections


We encourage ongoing development and experimentation. The core device is an Electric Imp which has Analog to Digital Inputs, PWM Outputs, Digital I/O, I2C, RS232 available. This functionality has been extended to screw terminal blocks on the circuit board. This makes it possible for you to hook up external sensors of your own design (temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide)  to monitor your garage. You could also send control signals to turn other devices on and off remotely. All it takes to extend the system is a firmware update for your specific sensor or hardware interface, and updates to the smartphone HTML/CSS/Javascript. You can create a customized solution to meet your specific needs.   

Important things to note

  • In order for things like Twitter notification to work, you will need to create you own Twitter App which receives notification from your garage controller module. Don't worry, this is easier than it sounds and we have a well documented procedure for doing it. 
  • In order to receive SMS status messages, you will need to sign up for an SMS service. We use SendHub by default which allows you to get up to 500 SMS messages from your garage door controller per month for free. This too is straight forward and we provide the steps necessary to do this.
  • As this is an open system, you can investigate alternative notification methods and update the firmware and software to implement them yourself. 
  • If you want to modify the firmware, you will need to register as a developer on This is free and will give you access to their cloud based IDE for developing code on the electric Imp.
  • Power for the module can be provided by a cell phone charger. Make sure the charger is capable of delivering at least 1.0A at 5VDC. We have used iPhone chargers successfully for a long time now.

What we mean by Open Source?

Source code for the IMP module and the HTML/CSS/Javascript app is provided.  You are free to make modifications to expand or change the functionality as needed. You own it after all! For all products miHomeAgent provides the electronic schematic to support your customization efforts. Content on this site is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. See